We have a lot to thank technology for and, according to airline tech company SITA, 2017 is the year that it will be used to improve the flight experience like never before – by tackling the key issues that can make air travel a stressful experience.


A recent report by Travelandleisure.com detailed just a few of the ways that technology will make air travel a more streamlined and comfortable experience for passengers over the next 12 months:

1. RFID bag tags will keep tabs on luggage

RFID technology may be nothing exceptionally new – Hong Kong International and McCarran International in Las Vegas have been using it successfully for some years – but 2017 could be the year the technology hits the mainstream. RFID can help airlines keep track of passengers' bags, from check-in to the carousel at arrivals. Delta Airlines has announced a $50 million RFID investment to use the technology to this effect. Other airports are bound to follow.

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2. Data-sharing will provide increased personalisation

From airline apps to Facebook messenger, airlines are increasingly employing technology to send flight updates and information to passengers in real-time. But the challenge is to ensure these communications are as personalised as possible to individual journeys. We expect airport apps to up their game this year, offering services such as updates on the gate, flight times, baggage collection and even location-based suggestions on where to eat, drink and shop within the airport.

3. Queues will be cut

Security queues felt the heat of the spotlight amongst the travelling community last year, so expect airports to focus on cutting the waiting around time in the coming months. Sophisticated tech such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors, cameras and airport systems analysis can work together to estimate queue times at specific points around the airport. In this way, not only can passengers be kept up-to-date on wait times but airlines and airports can plan their resources more effectively.

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The solution

When used properly, technology can work wonders when it comes to streamlining and improving the customer experience. If you want to find out more about the high spec travel technology we can offer your business and are looking to give your digital offering a boost this year...

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