They say that variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to the payment methods a travel business offers its customers, we are inclined to agree.


When it comes to encouraging visitors to your site to make those all-important bookings, it makes sense to offer the sort of payment plans that sweeten the deal and soften the blow to their bank balance. After all, today's customer wants payment methods to reflect the diverse range of goods they have access to online and to have the option to pick and choose how and when they pay.

Travel brands that choose to exclude certain methods of payment are playing with fire. Customers may well need to abandon ship at the payment page which is frustrating, not only from a business perspective, but from the consumer standpoint too. It doesn't leave the best impression when consumers feel disappointed at the waste of their time.

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If you haven't already considered offering flexible payment plans, perhaps it's time to start. Flexible payments are crucial to travel businesses because of the range of high price items on sale. Introducing a flexible payment plan to your customers means that they won't have to worry about paying off that steep flight in one fell swoop. Flexible payments offer realistic plans that take into account the nuances of day-to-day life – not everyone is sitting on a stack of cash that's waiting to be spent on their next holiday – which will no doubt endear your brand to customers. That is, if the sheer convenience of a sign-up that can be completed without even leaving your payment page hasn't already done the job.

The solution

Our Fly Now, Pay Later payment solution has been specially designed to boost conversion, deliver incremental revenue to existing customers and lower online transaction costs. Using Fly Now, Pay Later, your customers can choose to pay over 2-10 monthly instalments with the opportunity to pay off the entire balance at any time they desire – with no hidden costs. Additionally, with security ever at the forefront of the modern digital consumer's mind, Fly Now, Pay Later offers financial protection and the peace of mind that comes along with it.

For more information about our popular payment solution or our high-spec travel technology that can give your business a boost, contact Digital Trip today.