The customer is at the centre of everything we do in the travel industry. Whether you're looking to attract new ones or keep the existing ones happy and loyal, investing time and thought into your user experience (UX) is key in order to achieve your goals.


However, 2017 is set to signify a period where UX will become even more important as it becomes redefined into a broader customer experience instead of simply stopping at the screen.

In travel more than any other industry, the customer journey can be convoluted. Forward-thinking brands are now taking a closer look at how they can bring every part of the journey into one distinct channel in the customer's eye, combining physical and digital platforms and services to deliver on the brand's promise. The aim? To create a seamless experience that puts the customer in control.

Conversational user interfaces are a perfect example of brands striving to adapt their experience to fit changing consumer demand. The advancement and application of messaging apps to communicate with customers put the power in the hands of the consumer to fulfil their needs whenever and wherever necessary. However, it is only by translating this sort of capability into a well-designed UX that will encourage mass adoption.

eVolve content management system

UX for 2017 means enabling customers to connect with the product, service, content or contact they need, no matter where they might be in their journey to purchase. Data will, of course, play a key role in helping brands to tailor and recalibrate their UX - look at Amazon's Alexa which pulls data from across a network of interfaces to adapt to what the customer wants, bridging the gap between interfaces and providing consumers with the continuity they desire. In its most basic form: customers want to be able to pick up where they left off, no matter which interface they have been using.

The solution

eVolve, our intelligent platform, offers your customers the optimum user experience across every screen and device with a lightning fast, seamless booking engine that means customers don't need to navigate away from your site. Contact Digital Trip today for further details on solutions that could give your UX a boost.

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