Each year, travel brands keen to stand out in the minds of consumers ask themselves two things: what it is their customers want and where it is they want to go. We've taken a look at the trends to bring you the top five travel destinations that are taking centre-stage in 2017 - so that your travel business can stay one step ahead.


1. Cuba

Thanks to the return of US cruise ships and the relaunch of commercial flights between the countries, Cuba's tourism boom shows no sign of slowing. A long-time favourite of Canadian tourists, the island is also a popular destination amongst Europeans who traditionally took advantage of low-cost package deals to soak up the sun in beachfront hotels. However, there is a notable shift occurring away from the coastal locations to cultural urban centres like Havana.

2. South Africa

The South African tourism industry has made an exceptional recovery since the 2015 dip (a result of changing visa and immigration policy). The 10 million passenger milestone was recorded by Cape Town International Airport last year whilst segments such as medical and wedding tourism in South Africa are reportedly on the rise.

3. Mexico

The Mexican Tourism Board recently announced that Mexico's global air connectivity continues to grow at a record pace with airlines adding new routes and upgrading to aircraft models which offer a larger capacity. Last year yucatanexpatlife.com reported a 14% increase in visitors to Merida with the greatest concentration of visitors coming from Germany, the US, France, Canada, Italy and Spain.

4. Canada

Forbes recently cited Vancouver as the most popular destination for those wishing to relocate from the US, and with the country celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2017, we expect to see Canada's stock rise even further. With offers such as the free Discovery pass which offers free entry into all of its national parks in 2017, Canada is pulling out the stops to make sure the next 12 months are a success.

5. Iceland

A recent report by travel search engine Kayak, based on data from over 1.5 billion searches, revealed there had been a dramatic 77% rise in searches for Reykjvik, a tip that the Icelandic capital may be one of the most popular destinations for the coming months.

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