It's not a stretch to suggest that the user experience of your travel website dictates whether or not visitors will hang around long enough to make a purchase.


Almost four out of ten people will stop engaging with a website if images won't load or take too long to load, Adobe research shows. A similar amount will even see reason to step away if the content/layout is unattractive, as per the same study.

All that effort you've put into painting your firm as a trustworthy and credible brand to do business with could all be in vain.

It's crucial, then, that you analyse how your visitors are interacting with your website and use this information to create the best experience for them.

Here are five aspects that you must address to make your travel website engaging for visitors:

1. Usefulness

Of course you consider your content to be useful, but do your users think the same thing? If your data reveals that they're not clicking on your content, it would suggest not. Users have so much content flung their way these days – only the unique and original tends to stick.

2. Usability

How many clicks are users having to take to get where they want to be on your website? This sort of information will reveal the usability of your website. If your website is shown to provide a complicated experience for the user, this might help explain why so many visitors choose to abandon.

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3. Attractiveness

It's not only about getting users from A to B as seamlessly as possible – they want to feel like it's a pleasurable visual experience, too. Making sure the visual elements are tasteful and attractive will encourage users to engage with the content, so try and incorporate some proven and tested design.

4. Locatability

OK, locatability isn't a recognised word, but you get the idea. In order to maximise the number of users heading to your website (or app), you've got to make it easy to find online. If it isn't, the user experience suffers. What are you doing to stand out among the competition?

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5. Reliability

How up-to-date and accurate is the content on your website? If you don't have the ability to easily and quickly adapt content so that it is accurate all the time, you risk losing visitors who see the out of date stuff and start to question your reliability.

The solution

Our award-winning eVolve content management system gives you complete control over your website's content. They'll be no excuses for letting content grow tired or out of date.

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