It's all very well putting strategies in place to reel in new customers, but if you haven't figured out the best way to hold on to your existing ones, you could find yourself fighting an uphill battle.


With 66% of UK adults owning a smartphone, the consumer has more power than ever - it is no longer enough just to know who you are trying to attract, you have to know all the subtle nuances of your customer's behaviour in order to really give them what they want. Fortunately, the fact that so many people are attached to their smartphones can also be a good thing as higher use simply means that an endless stream of data is yours to collect.

Personalisation is the key to keeping your customers loyal and this can be achieved to best effect with the careful collection and analysis of the reams of data that consumers make available online. Data such as location, preferences, purchasing history can all be used to gain customer insight, allowing your brand to anticipate your customer's desires and needs with increasing accuracy. Using this data to construct comprehensive user profiles will help keep target audience preferences as the foundations for all customer offers.

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We've talked about the pros of Big Data many times on this blog, and it is this very data that is accrued through sources such as social media sentiment, order history and email that can guide your personalisation efforts. Indeed, research from Google reveals 90% of consumers switch between devices on their journey to making a purchase - if they share information with a travel brand on one channel, they expect it to be remembered and utilised should they deal with that business again.

So, why is personalisation the way to inspire brand loyalty? Personalised experiences are engaging, entertaining, memorable and inspiring - if this is the sort of experience your brand delivers, why would your customers go anywhere else?

How we can help

Technology can support your business to unlock the opportunities provided by your customers' behaviour and experiences online. Our tech includes reporting tools which allow our clients to gain key insights into visitors to their site. By accessing and analysing this data, you can ensure you understand your customers better and deliver the goods to keep them sticking around.

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