Following Brexit’s long-lasting effect on the medium-term value of the British pound overseas, as well as the recent political upheaval that has swept Western Europe in the past months, British travellers are looking further East for holiday inspiration this year.


According to Travelzoo’s Spring 2017 Travel Trends Survey, 30% of all British travellers now rate the safety of a destination as the most important factor when booking a holiday online.

Research also suggests that the lowered value of the pound is having an impact on which destinations travellers choose for their holiday. As a result, both Central and Eastern Europe are now considerably more appealing for British travellers than other regions due to better exchange rates.

This, coupled with the growing number of young arrivals to emerging European states, once only visited by baby boomers, means these countries are now seeing floods of new travellers in search for excitement and a different kind of Europe.

Typical holiday experiences such as drinking afternoon tea in London, eating authentic pizza in Napoli, or sipping a cocktail on the Eiffel Tower are now considered outdated. Tourists are now looking east for travel inspiration instead, preferring to experience the fairy tale charms of locales such as Tallinn in Estonia.


Other trending destinations include Montenegro, Georgia and Slovenia, with the trend only expected to continue rising throughout the year. Take Warsaw in Poland for example, recently re-constructed following World War II damage, the city now attracts huge crowds of tourists to the region.

The compact and inviting Ljubljana in Slovenia offers a rich travel experience complete with cobbled streets, castles and squares. The country also boasts one of Europe’s most progressive art scenes, making it a number one choice for travellers seeking a more alternative experience abroad.

If your customers are looking for something filled with picturesque views and sun-soaked beaches, Dubrovnik in Croatia can deliver just that. And for something with a little more romance, why not offer a tour in the ancient streets of Kotor in Montenegro.

Your customers won’t be let down, as the coastlines of Slovenia and Montenegro, to name a few, offer up the same weather and gorgeous beaches as the east coast of Italy. With last year being the year of the US, this continuing interest for alternative, more affordable travel destinations further east will mean only good news for the travel industry.

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