When it comes to running a successful travel business, the user experience you offer potential customers visiting your site can be a key factor to boosting your bottom line. Why? Because Millennials, the demographic for which travel is a top priority, are defined by their digital reliance and prowess.

As a result, they demand more digitally from travel brands than previous generations have - and in this competitive landscape, the successful businesses will be those that rise to the challenge.

A report from Inkling predicts that by 2019, the number of Millennials will hit 17 million in the UK - that's one-quarter of the population. If you haven't cast a critical eye over your web offering recently, then maybe it's time to consider a makeover in order to appeal to this group. Here are a few tips to do so:

Think seamless

Millennials are the mobile generation, so your website needs to offer a slick, mobile-optimised experience that works just as well across a range of mobile devices as it does on a desktop computer. Take notes from the raging success of businesses such as Uber and Airbnb whose mobile offerings are second-to-none; it's the easy-to-use and seamless mobile experiences that will keep browsers on your site and hopefully lead them one step closer to making those bookings. Concerned your mobile offering isn't quite up to scratch? Fortunately, our sophisticated mobile platform might be able to help you out. It offers customers everything they need throughout their booking journey; enables easy navigation and engagement on a smaller screen; and allows your business to connect with prospects on every device.


Think authentic

Keep your brand authentic and trustworthy - Millennials favour companies that demonstrate commitment and care for their customers rather than those that just talk about it. Build trust and prove you place a high value on authenticity by engaging with customers on social platforms and utilise local knowledge when it comes to providing advice about destinations and experiences. We offer our customers the chance to feature ArrivalGuides on their website - these detailed and engaging guides offer information collated by local tourist boards and are always kept up-to-date.

Think loyalty

Loyalty schemes go a long way when it comes to the Millennial generation - but the real challenge is to personalise these schemes and offer something truly unique. The Millennial customer is very clear about the power they hold as a consumer in this digital and competitive age, so offer rewards in return for their loyalty and bear in mind these don't have to be financial. Social media competitions or referral schemes can help spread the word about your brand; just be sure to offer something special to your Millennial participants. Remember they value experiences above all - Inkling found that 73% of this demographic agreed that the fear of missing out is a key driver which pushes them to seek out novel experiences - so a tailored offer or exclusive opportunity to do something special could be the way to win their hearts.

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Ensuring the design of your user experience is tailored to meet the needs and wants of a group expected to account for more than a quarter of all global spend has got to be the smart thing to do.