The old adage goes that time is money and this is only too true in this increasingly digital age. However, these days it's not just the business world feeling the squeeze of time restraints, instead, the focus has now shifted to the customer's need for immediacy.

Savvy travel brands are already taking steps to meet this growing demand and position themselves as leaders of the pack in this competitive industry. But why has immediacy become a priority in recent times and what can a travel business do to provide it?

The impact of mobile technology on the behaviour of the modern-day traveller is undeniable. Consumers have access to whatever answers they seek at their fingertips, no matter where they are or what they are doing, and this has spilled over to their customer service expectations. If they can contact a brand in just a few short seconds at any time and from any place, they come to expect the same in return.


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A recent survey, commissioned by Altitude Software, found that more than half (56%) will reach for their mobile phone when it comes to contacting a brand through social media with 84% of consumers expecting companies to respond within 24 hours after posting. Not that travel brands should rest on their laurels - nearly half (47%) expected a response within an hour.

Additionally, the culture of immediacy demands instant, easy access to travel – be it flights, hotels, reviews or a comparison of attractions, tours or deals. Incorporating high spec technology into your digital offering will allow travellers to accomplish more in one place, providing them with a seamless experience as they move from research into locking down those bookings, making those reservations and browsing the additional ancillary services to personalise their trip along the way.

As well as a state-of-the-art booking engine which can offer your customers all-of-the-above, one of our latest innovations, Agent Desktop, has been designed specifically for travel agents with immediacy at the forefront of their minds. This slick new tool has the ability to display search results immediately, connecting you to thousands of suppliers in a single search screen and saving you valuable time which could be spent on your customers. You can even add multiple legs of a journey to a search with ease. Find out more

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Agent Desktop also offers flexibility to your customers by maximising the choice of products you can offer as well as offering the option to book on the spot or simply take away a detailed quote so they can take their time over the decision.

Our advanced digital solutions and high spec technology can help make your business the number one choice for travel buyers. Contact us for further details today.