Women aged 50-plus have emerged as a must-target group for travel agents.

New research suggests that women of over the age of 50 are prepared to fly solo and leave their partners behind in order to visit the places that occupy their dreams.

The study, conducted by advertising agency Souk Response and supported by "The Voice of Mature Travellers" Silver Travel Advisor, revealed that three quarters of 50-plus women who usually went abroad with their partner would or might consider travelling on their own or with a friend.

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The research involved seeking the views of 500 women, all of which had a household income of at least £50,000.

Some 70% of the respondents said gaining fresh travel experiences was important to them. However, their partners don't always harbour the same wanderlust: 47% felt they were more adventurous than their other half, while 54% said they were keener than their partner to try different types of holiday.

A fifth said that because their partners travelled regularly for work, they were less inclined to want to travel long distances in their personal life.

An understandable reason for not wanting to go too far afield, but women aren't prepared to just accept that they must inhibit their own travel aspirations.

Over half (56%) of the women said that that they wanted to visit a destination their partner had no interest in travelling to. A quarter of the survey participants said they would be prepared to travel without their partner, on the basis that their other half has their own interests to pursue.

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Souk Response managing director Huw Williams said: "This is a group of older women who aren't prepared to wait for the world to come to them. If their other half isn't interested, they will do it for themselves."

While there are those travel agents who specialise in holidays for the solo traveller and mature holidaymakers, is there an argument that all agents should now be making a beeline for the 50-plus 'adventuress' market?

The research would appear to indicate so – providing your website is adaptable to target this new audience, of course...

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