Guest personalisation is the travel trend of the future that those in the industry can't afford to ignore, and this week Hilton Worldwide has raised the bar with an announcement detailing a new feature of their mobile app.

The global hotel chain has pulled together GPS, Wi-Fi and beacon technology to create Fun Finder, a feature for the HHonours app which has been specially designed to take on the role of a personal travel guide. Not only does Fun Finder offer detailed maps and route-finders to help guests navigate their way around a new destination, it also sets up alerts for special discounts and hotel offers that match their personal preferences.

Although the feature is currently undergoing tests in two pilot hotels in the US, it is expected to be rolled out worldwide in the future; available to Hilton HHonours loyalty members who have booked direct with the hotel chain.

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Guests who choose to opt into the Fun Finder feature on arrival will be asked to fill out a short survey on the app, providing information which will be used by the tool to customise suggestions and deliver targeted messages during their stay.

But the hotel chain is not just stopping there. A recent Skift article reported that Hilton will be introducing a new two-way chat feature to the app next year so that guests can talk to advisors in real-time.

Of course, Hilton's competitors are not just resting on their laurels. Instead, we anticipate this is just the start of the landslide into hotels striving to not only react and cater to their guests' needs but to ensure they are one step ahead, anticipating those needs by utilising personal information.

Take Marriott International, for example. Skift reported that they are hard at work, developing a similar service to Fun Finder, and are taking great care to keep the service personalised as opposed to let it turn into a marketing tool, delivering notifications guests might perceive to be spam.

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This advancement in the hotel industry is simply a reflection of the move towards personalisation in the travel industry as a whole. Utilising the latest travel technology can give your brand a helping hand when it comes to offering a personalised experience to your customers.

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