The way that travel brands communicate with customers is constantly evolving, thanks to the continuous development of technology in the world around us. With messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp becoming so popular in our day-to-day lives that they have long since eclipsed the spoken word, they have become a way for savvy brands to deliver the values that customers increasingly prize and demand - personalisation and authenticity.


Skift's recent report 'What's Next in Mobile' highlights key strategies travel brands should consider using to engage their customers and step up their communication dynamic. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Offer popular channels of communication

Instead of offering your customers the standard customer care number to call, choose the platforms they use on a daily basis with family and friends. SMS and messaging apps play a large part in their communications with loved ones - you'll offer a personal touch if you can interact in the same way.

2. Eliminate repetition with one thread

It's not always possible to resolve an issue in one chat session, and there's nothing more frustrating to customers than having to repeat the problem to different advisors. Ensuring that one single conversation thread applies to each customer will ensure that your team have all the facts at their disposal to help.

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3. Utilise collaboration tools

Technology is supposed to make your life easier, so give your staff a break by setting up collaboration tools for them to work together. Skift recommends a shared inbox so that your team can can see when issues have been solved. Greater transparency will result in a more streamlined service for customers.

4. Offer automated replies for FAQs

Again, in the spirit of making life easier, remember there is a time and a place for an automated response. Set up standardised replies to FAQs to lighten the load on your team, allowing them more time to concentrate on the personal care of customers with more complex issues.

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5. Encourage consumers to share their experience

Collect feedback from customers and encourage them to share their positive responses. After all, if your customer service is that good, you want them to shout about it. Skift suggests a strategy such as texting a TripAdvisor link to a customer after their trip - make it easy and they will share.

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