With the Christmas period looming, and travellers already planning their holiday for next year, MedicalTravelCompared.co.uk, the specialist travel insurance site, is reminding holiday-makers that they could risk gaps in their cover through failing to insure travel companions under the same policy.


Medical Travel Compared are a travel insurance comparison site who serve the over 50s and those with pre-existing medical conditions. The Medical Travel Compared insurance panel currently comprises over 40 travel insurance providers.

Created specifically to help mature travellers, the company specializes in helping them complete a series of questions, and in return a list of covers and premium options are suggested.

Applicants only have to declare their medical conditions once, through a sophisticated and easy online medical screening process, enabling them to receive the best quotes possible.

The problem

The managing Director of marketing for Medical Travel Compared, Vicki Moses, stated "Because travel insurance only covers those named on the policy, the insurer is not obliged to pay out for a claim that is in any way related to a pre-existing medical condition of a companion insured elsewhere." Suggesting that, if you end up needing to cancel your holiday, or cut it short due to the companion's illness, you could face being out of pocket.

It's not unusual for companies to hear about alternative forms of cover, as Vicki says "We often hear people say that their partner or companions already have cover with the bank or building society...", But being insured on separate policies from two different insurers is likely to leave both parties extremely vulnerable.

You may not want to cancel your policies though...

The solution

Do not fear, the important thing is that you make sure that all of your travelling companions are covered for your pre-existing conditions, meaning that they do not end up uninsured in the event of a claim. When applying for specialist travel insurance to cover a pre-existing medical condition, Medical Travel Compared recommends including travelling companions to the policy, even in the event that they themselves do not have any medical conditions.

"We have a saying: if you're travelling together, be insured together" explained Vicki, suggesting that specialist insurers have a tendency to avoid loading the premium for 'Well' companions, resulting in them being added at a standard rate. This is a massive advantage, as your companions will not be charged for your pre-existing conditions, but will still receive the same cover benefits as you in the event of an accident.

MedicalTravelCompared.co.uk has produced a series of videos on Youtube to better help travellers through the insurance buying process, and provide them with additional information on the importance of adding companions to the same policy. If you would like to find out more about the company's comparison service, visit: www.MedicalTravelCompared.co.uk.

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