Do you operate in the luxury travel market? If so, you'll want to wrap your eyes around the 2017 Virtuoso Luxe Report, which reveals the top travel trends that look set to dominate the next 12 months, what destinations travellers are eyeing up, what is motivating them to travel and more.


Virtuoso conclude that travellers are "seeking fresh territory, with exploring new destinations serving as the coming year's top travel motivator".

This is encouraging news for travel firms, but you've got to ensure your marketing is suitably aligned with the trends, otherwise you risk failing to capitalise on them. That's why we make no apologies for bringing you all the travel trends for 2017, even if feels like trend overload by the end of the year.

Here's what Virtuoso suggest travel brands should be promoting going into 2017, based on its survey of 772 advisors from all parts of the world:

1. Destinations with 'a sense of urgency'

Virtuoso is recommending travellers visit those places that "are changing rapidly or even disappearing". It highlights Cuba as a destination that is "in danger of losing its distinctive character", while the Arctic is a must-see for more environmental reasons, i.e. the melting glaciers. There is obvious potential for marketing destinations like these, let it be said.

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2. Adventure travel

The next trend on Virtuoso's list is adventure travel, which it predicts will soar "even higher this year as a dominant trend". The travel agency recommends such adventurous excursions as an African safari, swimming with whale sharks in Australia, and hiking in the Swiss Alps. You'll definitely need to have the trait 'adrenaline junkie' listed on your buyer persona, though, for this trend to apply.

3. Exclusive-use travel

We're definitely talking high-end travellers with this one, as they're the only people who will be able to afford an "over-the-top exclusive experience" such as a round-the-world journey or renting a villa in St. Barts.

4. 'Dine like a local' destinations

Virtuoso's report shows a hankering for 'authentic experiences' – second on the list of top travel motivations, just below 'exploring new destinations'. One way of getting a true-to-life experience is by dining like a local, which may involve taking a cooking class, heading to a world-class restaurant, or opting for a private, in-home eating experience.

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5. Personality-tailored cruises

Virtuoso is pushing cruises that match the luxury traveller's preferences and personality. Cruising is easy to market, thanks to its convenience, value and range of options, while river cruising – third on the list of Virtuoso's top travel trends – offers travellers the opportunity to "explore the heart of a destination".

All of these recommendations are based on insights from the Luxe Report, which shows a desire for a bit of R&R and personal enrichment, as well adventure and new, authentic experiences.

"Travellers today crave active experiences that are customised to their interests and abilities, and are venturing all over the globe to find them," reads the report.

It begs the question: how well do you know your audience? You'll only be able to market to them effectively, of course, if you can discover key insights in your travel business with detailed analytics and reporting tools. Contact Digital Trip today to find out more about how our travel tech help your learn more about your customers.