Is it too early for New Year's resolutions? Quite possibly, but it always pays to be ahead of the curve in the travel industry.


Plus, with work-related resolutions, you don't have to include the customary 'get in shape' and 'eat healthier food'. As a result, your business goals might prove to be more achievable than any personal targets you might set.

In need of some inspiration for your travel business goals? Here are five New Year's resolutions we think your travel brand should adopt in order to make the most of 2017:

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1. Begin to engage customers NOW

Some travellers will start planning their spring and summer travel as soon as the New Year dawns. The average lead time for Europe as a whole is 73 days, according to Sojern's 2016 Europe Travel Trends Report. The average lead time in the UK, however, is 86 days, making British holidaymakers some of the most organised in Europe when it comes to travel. For those that start planning even earlier, now's the time to try and engage them.

2. Experiment with something new

If millennials make up a big chunk of your target audience, why not get your travel brand signed up to Snapchat in 2017? Snapchat is the fastest-growing social network among millennials, with 70% of users under 35 years of age. They love its ephemeral and experimental qualities – can you make it work for your travel brand?

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3. Go all-in on mobile

If there's one trend you're going to fully commit to in 2017, make it mobile. It's safe to say that the numbers of bookings made on the smaller device are only going to keep increasing. While travellers still prefer to plan on their mobile and book on their desktop, it won't be long before bookings on mobile begin to outstrip desktop purchases.

4. Dabble with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has arguably been the hottest trend in marketing in 2016 with brands of all shapes and sizes looking to leverage respected individuals in their industry. It's an especially intriguing tactic for travel brands, with 88% of frequent travellers saying that having "authentic travel experiences" is important to them. Influencer marketing is travel brands' opportunity to position themselves as authentic in the eyes of their customers.

5. Lean more heavily on data

There really isn't any need to opt for guesswork with your marketing, what with all the customer data that can be gleaned via technology these days. We understand that extracting data doesn't always prove easy, but if you pick the right solutions, yielding key insights from your travel business won't be a challenge.

If you're looking for some further inspiration for your New Year's resolutions, check out some of the emerging travel trends that we've been highlighting on our blog over the past couple of weeks. For more information on how our advanced technology solutions can help you reach new markets in 2017, contact us today.