It's that time of year again when, if those in the travel industry aren't making predictions about the coming year, they are reflecting on the past 12 months to see what they can learn from the trends. As we're quite fond of saying, it's essential for businesses to look to their customers to find out what's hot, what's not and how they should be tailoring what they are offering, so we always take an interest when TripAdvisor releases their annual awards based on the reviews and ratings of their rather substantial network of users.


So, if you're wondering which destinations appear to be sliding into the spotlight for 2017, here is our summary of the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Awards 2016 Destinations on the Rise.

San Jose de Cabo is the place du jour in Mexico with its colonial architecture, laid-back ambience and plentiful opportunities to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. Elsewhere another sunshine spot which has experienced exponential growth over the years is Kihei, on Hawaii's western shore.

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Whistler in British Columbia, is proving popular amongst travellers who like to stay active. This stunning mountain region offers excellent winter conditions to enjoy skiing and snowboarding whilst the summer months are ideal for hiking and mountain biking.

Jericoacoara, an unspoilt beach town in Brazil, reached only by bumpy dirt roads, is reported by travellers to be a resort-free paradise whilst El Nido, the backpacker haunt of the Philippines continues to gain traction thanks to the beautiful secluded beaches and islets of the magnificent Bacuit Bay. Both destinations tie into the trend for more exotic destinations off the beaten track.

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When it comes to city breaks, Baku, the historical centre of Azerbaijan, tempts travellers with its World Heritage Sites and vibrant cultural attractions, whilst more rich history can be discovered within the fortress walls of Jodhpur, India. Additionally, the multi-cultural capital city of Tbilisi is attracting travellers to Georgia - as well as the new cheap flights and improved infrastructure, of course.

Finally, we have two resort destinations. Israel's charming Eilat, nestled near the warm waters of the Red Sea, is proving a huge draw for divers and snorkelers as well as beach lovers whilst Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, a long-time favourite amongst British tourists, continues to be one of the most popular short-haul destinations to soak up the sun all year-round.

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