Family holidays in the sun are what memories are made of. That's not just a cliché but what research tells us.


Thomson teamed up with market research firm Mindlab International to unearth the most important factors in creating memorable moments.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the study found that people and location are most important with a quarter of all memories described being associated with a holiday.

Around three-quarters (70%) of the study participants said that family plays a big part in a moment becoming a memory. The significance of loved ones in people's memories steadily increases as they get older, with 72% of memories for the over-55s focused around family. For the younger generations, however, it is the memorable moments they spend with friends that live longest in their memory.

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The key finding for travel is that holidays are viewed as the most significant occasion that proves memorable.

Interestingly, it is millennials that have the most memories abroad while older people tend to have more memories at home.

In terms of the most significant time of the year for memories, summer (45%) came out top for the under 35s while autumn proves more memorable for older generations.

Another notable finding for travel firms to take note of is how people often associate 'doing something' for the first time with memories. While they might have had events such as passing a driving test and marriage in mind here, travel firms could do worse than try to convince travellers to try something – be it an activity or destination – for the first time. It might just see them come back to your business year after year with the aim of making new memories.

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Psychologist and founder of Mindlab Dr David Lewis said: "It is clear from our study that people value time spent with their family and remember these moments over others."

"The difference between memories with and without people is striking. Specific occasions, holidays in particular, also play a strong role in creating memories. This was the second most defining factor after the people we spend moments with."

Consider using these findings from Thomson, which is re-branding to TUI next year, to shape your marketing strategy in 2017 and show how you can help create good memories for people in the new year.

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