With all eyes in the travel sector set to turn to mobile over the coming months, it's key for travel brands to consider new ways and means of reaching and engaging the connected traveller in 2017. A recent article by travel marketing experts Aviator, highlighted a few key areas brands might find these opportunities:


Dwell time

Mobile affords brands the opportunity to target consumers not only before and after their trip but during the journey itself. Paying close attention to those moments of downtime when travellers could be reaching for their smartphones or mobile devices could pay dividends for brands that take pains to be present just when they are needed i.e. offering live price comparisons for airport transfers as the traveller prepares for their journey or arrives in their destination of choice.


The trend for immediacy has also been fuelled by the rise of mobile. The modern traveller looks to save time with technology, so services which allow for advance planning to streamline a journey, such as ordering meals or supplying information to aid queue-jumping, will be favoured this year. Brands should ensure their products and services can be available to travellers anytime and anywhere or consumers may be quick to shout about their frustration.

Social sharing

Holidays are all about escaping from the realities of day-to-day life and with the ever-increasing sophistication of mobile devices combined with ubiquitous connectivity, sharing these unique and idyllic experiences to social networks is par for the course for the modern-day traveller. Brands should focus their efforts on interacting with customers across theses platforms, forming a culture of ambassadors that feel part of the brand's story.

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Holistic platforms

A rise in demand for full-service, one-click applications and platforms that allow travellers to book everything in one place. Consider our fully-optimised mobile booking platform if your business is looking to up the ante in 2017 - it integrates seamlessly with your main website so that you can align yourself with the holistic trend: your customers will have everything they need, from researching their travel to booking and beyond.

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The solution

Whether you're a travel agent, tour operator, wholesaler, cruise or villa specialist, we offer a range of solutions to help your online business achieve success in the competitive online travel market.

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