Customer behaviour in the travel industry is constantly evolving, and travel businesses need to keep a weather eye out for ways in which they can meet these changing demands in order to secure customer loyalty.


However, what should you do when it is the very area of loyalty that is the issue?

Due to their ubiquity, the rewards and loyalty programmes that used to be so effective, have now become commoditised. When customers view a loyalty programme as a commodity, the strategy instantly becomes less effective. After all, there is a big difference between corporate loyalty and human loyalty. To keep your customers loyal to your brand, they need to develop a genuine affinity for your organisation. You need to tap into their emotions and deliver value that inspires customer gratitude, securing loyalty in a relationship-based way that the occasional free seat or room upgrade can't quite muster.

If you're looking to make loyalty part of your customers' everyday lives, contextualised personalisation is the key. For rewards and benefits to resound with your customer base, they need to truly reflect their personal preferences and lifestyles. Research from Collinson Latitude demonstrates that only 38% of travel and financial services members believe their loyalty programme rewards are fully reflective of their lifestyle and attitudes. Clearly, there is work to be done by brands in this area.

Here's where technology comes in - increasingly intelligent use of data permits greater insights in customers, allowing you to improve the customer experience and tailor the rewards and promotions on offers. The utilisation of data means that brands will be able to strategically place offers in front of customers at specific touch-points in their journey. In fact, the more touch-points, the better.

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Looking for ways in which your loyalty programme can integrate new touch-points into the daily lives of your customers, making it easy for them to earn and redeem, would be an excellent focus for travel brands keen to boost customer loyalty in 2017.

The solution

Our reporting tools can help you secure the data you need to take your customer experience to the next level, helping your brand can gain key insights into visitors to your site, offering a strong foundation for you to plan improvements. We also offer a brand new reward points system which allows you to create an effective loyalty scheme, perfect for encouraging repeat bookings.

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