It's hard to remember a time when travellers didn't rely on geolocation. GPS technology and the rise of mobile have become a match made in heaven for those who enjoy life on the move, but these days geolocation services are so much more than a way to find a route from A to B in an unfamiliar place. They now have the potential to make dramatic changes in how consumers absorb information, discover new things, communicate with brands and manage their lives.


GEO data also offers lucrative opportunities for travel brands by opening up limitless sales and marketing opportunities based on the location of their customers. This year, we expect more travel businesses than ever to take an active approach to geo-location with a particular focus on app technology that can send out alerts and notifications to nearby travellers.

Hotels are already embracing the trend with geolocation apps designed to alert nearby travellers to discounted last-minute rooms. Once booked, these apps can offer travellers further location-based recommendations and information on where to eat and local attractions. Some of the more sophisticated apps can even track the customer's whereabouts in relation to the hotel so they can send timely, relevant information such as how to check-in and their room information.

Unfortunately, one challenge that has traditionally held back some businesses in the travel sector fully embracing geo-location technology in the past, is the issue of data roaming charges abroad - these can act as something of a deterrent to users logging into apps or sharing their location data whilst on holiday. However, this can be overcome to a degree by utilising historical GEO data, pulling together search history and customer preferences to gain a picture of destinations the user frequents and generating targeted services and products based on this past behaviour.

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The increased popularity of mobile technology has played a key role in ushering in innovations in geo-location technology. To stay ahead of the curve, it's essential for your business to meet the needs of the mobile crowd whilst exploring the opportunities GEO data offers.

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Our award-winning technology is fully optimised for mobile, so you can be sure your brand provides a consistently excellent user experience across a range of devices. We also provide a range of GEO data which can help better inform your marketing efforts, ensuring that your business stays front and centre in consumers' minds in 2017.

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