We're probably a little guilty of overlooking business travellers slightly on this blog. Whenever we mention 'travellers' we're usually referring to those of the leisure variety. However, that's not to say we underestimate the importance of business travellers to many travel brands.


Travel brands themselves know they can't afford to take business travellers for granted, either. While business travellers might not be so allured by the promise of an 'experience', they still want to get as much out of a business trip as possible, without having to scour the Web to find it.

According to a survey from Booking.com, 93% of business travellers feel stressed at some point during their journey. If brands can make buying great business travel a stress-free experience, then, they will be rewarded with loyalty – business travellers don't tend to stray from a good thing, if they don't have to.

Here are three brands who are making a serious play for business travellers:

1. Airbnb

Business travellers no longer have to make do with the same hotel – they can stay at a different pad every visit, if they want to. Airbnb has made alternative accommodation accessible to all business travellers.

Its 'Airbnb for business' program, launched in 2015, allows companies to integrate their business travel itineraries, so they can easily see where employees are staying and how much they're spending. Employees can even book on behalf of colleagues to help save time. Time is money in business, as they say.

2. Booking.com

Travel brands for whom business travellers make up a hefty proportion of their customer base might consider creating a separate platform specifically for corporate travellers.

That's what Booking.com has done, for the one in five customers that uses its website as a business traveller.

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The platform seeks to give its business travellers a user experience that has been optimised just for them, with users able to search by 'business interest', refining their search by the features that mean something to them.

3. STA

In our mind's eye we might see the standard business traveller as a suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying, middle-aged individual, but that's probably not that accurate these days.

Millennials now make up a fair proportion of the workforce – by 2020, they'll count for half of it. STA has noted this shift in the age and lifestyle of business travellers, launching a travel brand to target young people with a desire to combine both business and pleasure. STA Travel Business promotes the idea of tagging a holiday on the end of a work trip, because why not?

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