We're going to take a leap of faith here and assume that your business is pretty high on your list of priorities. In fact, managing the day-to-day running of operations can leave you strapped for time and, almost before you know it, your website is painfully out-of-date.


There are three main pillars you need to consider when updating your website. The first is your security, the second is your content and the third, your design.

Website security is something all businesses should prioritise due to increasingly sophisticated levels of cyber-crime. Compromising the data of trusting consumers means that they are unlikely to turn to you next time for fear of getting burned again. Ensure your platform is robust with inbuilt security features and be sure your website hosting company has a plan in place to protect your site. It's also essential to update any out-of-date software – this should keep you one step ahead of would-be hackers.

eVolve content management system

When it comes to keeping your content updated, the reasons for this are threefold. Firstly, ensuring your information is useful to customers will help build trust and encourage visitors to come to you for their needs. Secondly, fresh content helps build domain authority. which Google holds in high regard when it comes to those all-important rankings. Finally, if your blog post was published at some point in the Dark Ages, consumers may notice and question whether you are even in business anymore – you could be losing custom from the get-go.

Then, there's your design and with 60% of web traffic now coming from mobile devices, ensuring your site design is mobile-friendly is more important than ever if you want to grab the attention of the scrolling mobile crowd. In general, your design needs to meet the changing requirements of your target market – frequently reassessing whether it is still relevant and whether anyone else is doing better can ultimately pay out in the long run.

How we can help

Our market-leading travel technology platform has been designed to meet the specific needs of the travel industry. It's optimised for every device and you can update and add new features with ease whenever you choose to do so.

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