Technological innovations are constantly impacting on the travel industry and we make it our business to keep an eye on the way the trends progress. In the sphere of business travel, for example, technology is making its mark, affecting the way that travel brands sell their products and services as well as the way businesses book and manage their travel plans.


As we move into spring, several notable business travel trends have stood out that we believe are already shaping the industry's immediate future. Here's our round-up of five business travel trends taking flight in 2017:

1. The rise of apps

Increasingly sophisticated apps are placing the power to book hotels, flights, airport lounges, parking, taxis and a whole host of extras straight into the business traveller's on-the-move hands. Top apps offer a personalised, immediate experience that the modern business traveller aka the tech-savvy, multi-screen millennial simply can't resist.

2. Traveller-centric bleisure

Two words that possibly don't exist, but they are big news in the business travel community. The mixing of business and pleasure or 'bleisure' is now blending with a traveller-centric attitude i.e. businesses placing the onus on what's best for their employees when booking travel plans. This could range from placing the reins in the employee's hands when it comes to booking their trip to giving them a day off after their hard work is complete, so they can enjoy some downtime as part of the package.

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3. Duty of care

The ripple effect from the terrible terrorism attacks and natural disasters of recent years means that duty of care has risen as a priority in the business travel sector. According to the results of the Business Travel Show survey, 83% of travel managers agree that the safety of travellers is their responsibility whilst 79% had reviewed their traveller risk strategies in the past 12 months to ensure their duty of care was up to scratch.

Keep pace with the latest trends

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