If you’re not abreast on the year’s latest travel trends, you won’t be very popular with your customers. Pinterest’s 2017 Travel Trends Report shined a spotlight on some of this year’s most popular travel destinations, including the new types of experiences travellers are seeking.


Unsurprisingly, Pinterest is one of the few places travellers use for planning their vacation, making decisions on everything from destination to itineraries. In fact, travel is one of the platform’s top 10 categories, with a total of 2 million saves per day and 3 billion travel-related ideas.

The Pinsights team recently identified that the planning process for travellers begins to rise in January, and peaks in June, where the brand sees a rise of 4 million saves per day. Pinners will use general travel boards to save ideas, these boards can be based on a specific topic such as a destination, or group travel.

Despite what many think, boards are much more than just a swarm of pictures. According to Pinterest’s findings, people use Pins to make informed decisions. Recent studies have even suggested that travel focused Pinners will use Pins to view articles and videos for holiday inspiration.

Once a person finds what they’re looking for, they will share that idea using a Pin, or by collaborating on a group board for others to see and re-share. It seems that Pins are sparking imagination and inspiring travellers to embark on new adventures they might never have considered before.

Whether it’s a relaxing yoga session, trying a new cuisine or simply exploring the majestic ruins of Thailand, there was no shortage of new trends discovered. The Pinsights team examined the most searched trends from the end of 2016 to determine the most searched locations and activities for 2017 and beyond.

Here are just a few of the trends the team found…

Nashville hot fried chicken


A strange one to begin with, according to Pinterest’s insights Nashville style hot chicken is catching on like wildfire. Bathed in fiery chilli sauce, the dish has taken the nation by storm and is now one of the most beloved regional specialities in America. Chefs from across the world have challenged themselves to perfect fried chicken, and this version is the ultimate test. So why is it luring travellers to the city? Simple, it’s indulgent, it’s extreme and most of all it’s delicious!

Wellness retreats


Extremely popular among baby boomers, fitness holidays and wellness retreats are now the new buzzwords online. According to Paul Joseph, co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, this new emerging trend is being fuelled by older travellers wanting to maintain their looks and prolong their lifestyle. Wellness activities currently searched by Pinners include yoga, marathons, meditation, thermal baths and spending more time outdoors, aptly named “forest bathing”.

Reykjavik, Iceland


By now you’ve probably heard your friends talk about Iceland, you may have even seen photos on your social media, that’s because Reykjavik in Iceland made Pinterest’s list of the top 10 travel destinations for 2017. Already ranked as one of the world’s coolest destinations, Reykjavik is the perfect city break location. For travellers in search of something new the city never fails to deliver. From its impressive art scene to its exotic blue lagoon and culture of literature, Reykjavik has quickly become a travelling favourite.

Swimming holes


What’s more soothing than taking a swim in the summer, especially if that swim takes place in a nice secluded area dug out by nature. Another top trending activity for Pinterest users, swimming holes offer a place where you can truly connect with nature. Many of these wondrous locations are hard to find, but a few include Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa, Port Lincoln in South Australia and Grotta Del Cammello, Sicily.


alt The list of reasons Thailand made Pinterest’s top 10 list could span forever, but let’s focus on the most interesting. There’s an endless array of things to see and do in this vibrant and often beautiful country. For many explorers, visiting the palaces, temples, legendary beach bars and busy markets of Bangkok is an experience never to be missed. For those travellers with a large appetite, the nation’s street food offers up some of the best soup and rice dishes you'll ever taste.

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